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The Craving

  T.K. Sheils 

July 2006 from Amber Quill Press


  * Finalist for Horror in the Dream Realm Competition

   * EPPIE finalist in 2003

Once again Sabrina Osterling and Jackson Rutledge come together in an exciting horror novel to excite and frighten. Something in the woods up north is killing people. Something not quite animal, not quite human. Something terrifying. When Sabrina unwittingly learns of the possibility of shape-shifters near her cabin in the woods, she enlists Jackson to help her learn more--but they get more than they bargained for. Snarling yellow-eyed horrors stalk the pair as they try to discover the truth... Can Jackson and Sabrina save themselves this time?


THE CRAVING is a finalist in the Dream Realm Awards! THE CRAVING is a 2003 EPPIE finalist! THE CRAVING won an IPPY!

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What people are saying about THE CRAVING...

Harry Somers, editor of paranormal books, has just been dumped by his fiancÚ for reasons unknown to him.   To cheer himself up, he visits a bar he frequented while single.  There, he meets a beautiful blonde woman who seems to be truly interested in him.  Before he can work up the nerve to make an indecent suggestion, she does it for him.  Unable to believe his luck, Harry accompanies the woman to her hotel room.  What follows is a rather graphic and disturbing scene.  At the end of it, what remains of Harry fits into an overnight bag.

Jackson Rutledge is checking his email when he sees a message from his sometime-friend Sabrina Osterling.   The two have been involved in paranormal investigations in the past.  This time, the message is a plea from Sabrina to meet him.  She says it’s vitally important.  He responds, agreeing.  When he arrives at the designated spot, the Sabrina who greets him has radically changed her appearance.  Wearing a revealing sheath, with her hair dyed strawberry-blonde, this is not the Sabrina he knows.    Not even in her less guarded moments, which are few and far between.

As it turns out, this is not the real Sabrina.  Jackson, in rejecting her rather tipsy advances, has probably saved his own life.   The real Sabrina tells him that she believes someone is intercepting her emails, explaining how the imposter knew where he would be.   She also tells him that she was in the process of writing a book, when her editor disappeared.  The editor was Harry Somers.  Her book concerned shape shifters and myths concerning them.  She believes that the only person with a motive to kill Harry would be a shape shifter; a being that feeds on humans.  Could she be right?  Are there shape shifters among us?  And are they targeting Jackson and Sabrina?

This is the third book in a series starring Sabrina and Jackson.   The first two were BUTTERFLY HOUSE and NOBODY TOLD THE WIND.   This book provides enough background information about Jackson and Sabrina and their previous investigations that the new reader will not feel lost.  In fact, I’m now anxious to seek out these books and read the stories that started the series.   Jackson, far from being a professional paranormal investigator, is a sports writer.  It is only by chance that he finds himself involved with the paranormal.  Sabrina, on the other hand, is a true believer in all things paranormal

THE CRAVING starts with a bang and never lets go.  The story is inventive and original, and truly scary.  The characters of Jackson and Sabrina are unique in my experience.  They each have some rather large character flaws, but they manage to maintain a friendship and stick together in the face of danger.  Horror fans will be thrilled to find this series.  For more information about this and other titles, please visit www.LTDbooks.com.

Deborah Hern

After dealing with a haunted house and an island that appears and disappears at will, one would think that Jackson Rutledge, part time sports columnist for the Toronto Star and full time mystery writer, and his partner Sabrina, also a writer would have had enough of the supernatural. However, Sabrina is working on a book about shapeshifters and the natural born werewolves want to stop her. One of them eats her editor, intercepts her e-mail, and tries to arrange a mating with Jackson. By the time they figure out what is happening, they decide to travel to the small mill town of Atschen to talk to the one person who might be able to help them.

Professor Gunther Velben has settled in Atschen because he knows there is a large population of werewolves in the area. His mission in life is to destroy as many of them as possible and he believes he can kill all of them at their special ritual when they all gather together. Jackson and Sabrina are drafted into helping them, a risky endeavor that may cost all of them their lives.

There is nothing romantic or likable about the werewolves in THE CRAVING because they are bestial cannibals who love human flesh. T.K. shields has written a very exciting horror story in which the lead couple battle because it is the right thing to do. They do not look at themselves as heroes but as people who want to exterminate a deadly animal that is inimical to humanity. 5 stars. This is an exciting, at times gory book.

Harriet Klausner

Very highly recommended 

They stalk the night, draining their victims and leaving behind a shriveled husk, and Sabrina Osterling has drawn their attention. Her proposed book on shape-shifters meets with tampered emails that nearly derail the project. When she tries to contact the editor regarding a face-to-face meeting, he disappears.  In need of help, she arranges to meet Jackson Rutledge at a hotel.

A woman claiming Sabrina's identity intercepts Jackson. Her calculated seduction makes him suspicious, and Jackson escapes just in time. When he finds the real Sabrina Osterling in the hotel restaurant, Jackson feels stunned. They check out the room where he had been with the imposter, but they find nothing. Then a terrified scream in the night leads to a shriveled husk and the scent of damp moss in the air. Their subsequent investigation uncovers horror beyond imagination.

Author Terry Sheils proves his deft storytelling ability with THE BUTTERFLY HOUSE, and NOBODY TOLD THE WIND, continuing the series with THE CRAVING.  With a voice that mesmerizes, Sheils weaves a tale of abject horror, challenging the lines of friendship and love with deadly precision. Sabrina and Jackson share a complicated and unorthodox relationship, denying their attraction even while acknowledging their need for one another. Consequently, they provide the novel with an intriguing underlying tension which only escalates as they confront breathless terror in the glare of yellow eyes. Sheils' once again demonstrates a wildly imaginative, delightfully diabolical talent readers will find incredibly haunting. THE CRAVING comes very highly recommended.

Cindy Penn

Senior Editor, Wordweaving.com