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Dreams for the Wind

T.K. Sheils

Coming December 1st, 2006 in ebook and December 15th in print from Amber Quill Press!

A decadent, voluptuous and erotic tale

Condemned at birth, because of an ominous prophecy that he would kill his father and breed heirs with his mother, he was spirited away and reared in a distant land. Returning as a young man to claim his Kingship, some say by murdering his father, he had children by his mother, as prophesied. It was believed it was his incest that brought a plague upon his capital city, for which his subjects banished him, blind, into the desert.
Not the legend of Oedipus Rex but the history of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, in the opinion of Immanuel Velikovsky, the historical precedent to the Greek legend. This is the story of the last twenty-four years of this extraordinary man's life. 

What people are saying about DREAMS FOR THE WIND ...

Dreams for the Wind is the fictional autobiography of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. When King Amenhotep the Third learns that his unborn son will murder him and have children by his mother, the boy is condemned to death. Akhenaten's mother Queen Tiy saves him by sending him to her homeland of Mattani. Akhenaten grows to manhood believing he is the heir to the Mattani kingdom. He only learns the truth of his origins after a series of tragic mistakes cause the truth to be revealed. Akhenaten is returned to Egypt where he fulfills the prophecy that sent him into exile as an infant.

Dreams for the Wind is a decadent, voluptuous and erotic tale. Kingsley uses the life of Akhenaten as the presumed foundation for the Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex. The story of Akhenaten is told in five parts dedicated to the women that influenced his life. Each section reveals new and interesting information about the life of Akhenaten and his contemporaries. Dreams for the Wind is the story of the fall of a doomed Pharaoh. It is also the story of a weak man and his inability to rule wisely.

Akhenaten tries to rule wisely, but his own weaknesses cause him to betrayal the ideals he wishes to live by. He uses his power to excuse his lapses. He dreams of being the best of kings and ends as one of the most hated.

T.S. Kingsley paints a vivid picture of life in ancient Egypt. He provides lush details of the religion, culture and people of ancient Egypt. This is a great novel for historical fiction lovers. Readers who love detail will consume this book. It is a wonderful marriage, piecing together the little know facts of the era and fantasy to make an extremely interesting tale. Mr. Kingsley does an excellent job with this novel. He has managed to create a novel that is an interesting addition to the genre. He has taken a king that was reviled and expunged from the history of his people and recreated his life. From the very beginning the story is filled with intrigues and secrets. Everyone has an agenda and they use or allow themselves to be used to further their causes. There are dark undertones to this story; there is violence, sexual torture and murder. The incest and sexual nature of the book makes Dreams for the Wind a book that should be restricted to mature audiences. If this aspect does not bother you, read this book. It is a must for lovers of all ages of history!

Anita Jo Stafford -- Publisher, LTDBooks

"Set in ancient Egypt, this is the fictionalized autobiography of a pharaoh who tried to do the right thing and ended up doing just about everything wrong. Akhenaten has a mind of his own and uses it, but doesn't always think through the consequences. His adopted sister, his mother, his wife and later his concubine all play major roles in his life - forcing it along lines predetermined by a seer's vision at his birth, and following closely along a 'newly' heard Greek story, Oedipus.
DREAMS FOR THE WIND is a thought-provoking and outright sensuous saga of one man's lifetime and the people in it. This book does contain graphic sex, which is actually an integral part of the plot. While some passages are rather redundant near the beginning and slow the pacing, T.S. Kingsley has crafted a sweeping story of the intrigues, incest and incredible dramas of ancient Egypt."

Karen Larsen for Scribes World ****

In his profoundly researched and highly erotic historical novel, T.K. Sheils has Pharaoh Akhenaten tells the story of his life, in a voice truly belonging to a man who has seen it all and who has lived too long. When he was born, a prophecy said Akhenaten would kill his father and bed with his mother. So he was reared far away from home. But he returns, claims his kingship and rules Egypt with religious fervor.

Dramatic and sensual throughout, this is a book for readers who love to indulge in long historical stories, replete with ancient settings, cultural details, philosophical discussions and ... last but not least, sexual relationships in a time when morals were quite different from today's. It is not for readers who are looking for a short, quick read, and also not for the squeamish, due to some graphic violence.

Reviewed by Christine Spindler for Sexy Cybooks