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Ghost Writer

Terry Sheils

May 1999 -- Awestruck

Mason Forsythe is a ghost writer. In other words, he writes but other people get the credit. Well, Mason, comes into an inheritance and uses it to move into this cabin by the water so that he can pursue his dream of being a novelist. Once there, he meets all sorts of oddball townspeople. Some of whom might be ghosts themselves. Then there is Elissa, whom he suspects he is beginning to love. Just one thing, she claims that she is a ghost. Also, she wants him to help find out the mystery of who murdered her. Then there is the romance that they collaborate on...literally. Ghost Writer is, thus, a Supernaturally Romantic Mystery and Pastoral Adventure. 


Reviews for GHOST WRITER

"Mason Forsythe is a ghost writer, a man who writes things credited to others. When he falls into an inheritance, he purchases and renovates a cottage by the water. He meets many people, neighbors and such, who may not be who, and what, they seem. Elissa, a petite and beautiful young lady, also is not what she appears. They collaborate on a romance both real and literary, have great sex, and have a mystery to solve. Best of all, they fall in love.
This is a grand romance! I spent the entirety of the book not quite sure as to how many of the characters were ghosts and how many of them were dead ghosts. I loved it! It was fun to read. The sex is tastefully handled. The romance itself is charming. I fell in love with Mason and Elissa as they fell in love with each other. The mystery is thoroughly, and wonderfully, puzzling. The entirety of this novel is a delicious treat that I hope to devour again and again. A grand romance! A grand read!"

Leann Arndt *****


"I truly enjoyed GHOST WRITER. It was fun to read and thoroughly captured my imagination. Then there is the little matter of my original review copy mysteriously disappearing...
The romance here is one that you want to see happen. You just know that it will turn out right. It manages to be erotic. Tastefully so. While the mystery of who is the murderer, and how many actual ghosts are floating around, is masterfully handled and should intrigue even the most hardened fan of that genre. A near perfect read!"

From Buzz Review News *****


"With GHOST WRITER, Terry Sheils has written an excellent book, filled with all the creative elements that I enjoy: mystery, intrigues, laughter - and especially - romance. This was one book that I couldn't wait to see the end, but dreaded finishing because then the fun would be over. I am eager to read more from this talented author."

Julia Jackson - Writers Club Romance Group *****


"Terry Sheils has created an eerily atmospheric world where ghosts are a natural part of the landscape, and pop in and out as casually as old friends. Skillfully weaving together elements of paranormal, mystery and romance, Sheils adds just enough humor to keep the story from becoming mired in heavier elements dealing with murder and satanic cults...GHOST WRITER was a n enjoyable read. A character-driven story, it has sparkling secondary characters (particularly the owner of the hardware/feed store, the "Awl and the Pussycat") and a hero and heroine worth cheering for to the end."

Nanci C.Lepri - BookNook Romance Reviews *****