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Knight's Tiger

T.K. Sheils

October 2006 -- Amber Quill

Because nature abhors a vacuum, when Quentin Cottell leaves his sheltered life to seek himself, to fill the void that is his soul, and when the Feathered Serpent, (the Mayan-Aztec God, Quetzalcoatl) goes to seek a human vessel to replenish his spirit, the result is not a fantasy. It is perfectly natural. And naturally terrifying.
If you are looking for something a little different, this may just be it. For, though it contains elements of fantasy, science-fiction and horror, it is none of these. Perhaps it is merely a story of a man coming of age in his thirties and discovering that he can only find his identity by losing it. 


What people are saying about KNIGHT'S TIGER...

"Reality and dreams merge when details of Quentin Cottell's mundane life blur with the dreams of the fantastic. For seven years he has cared for his dying mother, and when he is at last free, he must discover who is and who he shall become. Dreams of broken taboos, destruction, torture and death mingle with details of realty to confuse, confound and persecute Quentin in his quest for truth and self-identify.

Quentin leaves his ancestral home, accompanied by his twin brother, for a cruise which comes to an abrupt halt in Belize. Remarkably, on the busy docks they find Patty, their half-sister long thought of as dead. Perhaps the encounter, however, is not coincidence but by design of another conscious. For as dreams and reality mesh, Quentin must prevent the Mayan-Aztec God, Quetzalcoatl from taking over his body.

Knights Tiger is remarkable for its well researched and carefully designed framework. The twenty day cycle, each with a patron god and element, and Quetzalcoatl's historical challenges, provide a delightfully fantastic background. The carefully designed symbology is remarkable, as Quentin finds himself surrounded by the Knights of the Ocelot.

Traditionally they were not warriors, but initiated in the cult of Quetzalcoatl: "they carried that lightening bolt not as a weapon, but to light their way to see the deepest secrets of the Gods. It presented the light of godliness they hoped to attain." But attainment only may be reached by Quetzalcoatl's success. This stunning tale of betrayal, passion, and dreams will hold the reader's attention until the end. The balance of legends and their modern counterparts will delight lovers of the Mayan Pantheon, and enthrall all readers. With a male charm, T.K, Sheils presents a novel of passion and vision, of depth and detail worthy of a master."

Cindy Penn for Wordweaving *****


"T.K. Sheils has obviously researched the Mayan-Aztec pantheon in vast and intensive detail, and uses that information to craft an exciting and erotic thriller. The merging of ancient legends with their modern counterparts is well done, and the climax is both ambiguous and believable. The erotic scenes throb with intensity, and there are various subplots that are wrapped up-or are they?"

K.G. McAbee for Sharpwriter.com


Terry Sheils weaves the genres of suspense, fantasy and horror so effortlessly that the reader will be amazed at the talent of this author. As a reviewer who has reviewed several of his books, he has once again managed to entice, enthrall and surprise me with his work. Knights Tiger will stay with you long after you have read it. An excellent read that deserves more than five stars*****

Jewel Dartt: Midnight Scribe Reviews