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Modem Operandi

Terry Sheils

Dec. 1999  -- Not currently available

When Arthur Reynes has his head blown in by his e-mail, his current girlfriend, Vicki, calls the only relative she has heard of, his uncle, Gareth Pendragon. Gareth is a Paranormal Private Investigator whose job is to debunk fake spiritualists and find lost objects even though his psychic powers are erratic and sometimes erroneous. When he meets Vicki Northon, however, they discover that she has psychic visions that are dependable-though only when she and Pendragon are making love-which is not always practical. They succeed often enough in such "interfacing," however, that the modus operandi and the perpetrator of Arthur's murder is brought to justice. 



"Once again author Terry Sheils draws upon Mayan mythology to created a richly textured, uniquely detailed story guaranteed to keep you awake long after the last page is turned.
The hypnotic swirls of the graphics created by a serial killer destroy people who seemingly have nothing in common except access to the Internet. When the latest victim proves to be the nephew of PPI (Private Paranormal Investigator) Griffen Pendragon, the game is on. Assisted by his deceased nephew's lover, Vicki, Pendragon matches wits with a killer known only as K.
Soon Vicki discovers her own psychic abilities, brought about during her sexual encounters with Pen. Between them, amid finding more and more victims of the grotesque killing methods, Vicki and Pen are determined to find the modem operandi of this horrific killer before Vicki herself becomes a victim.
Combining grotesque horror and raw sexual play, MODEM OPERANDI creates a
spell-binding tale of sinister power."

Cindy Penn for Wordweaving *****


"The swirling, colorful image on his computer's monitor troubles Arthur Reynes so deeply that he gets no satisfaction from coupling with his lover, Vicki. The image weighs so heavily on his mind that he takes a second look at it while she sleeps. When Vicki awakens, she finds Arthur dead--without a face.
Much to the annoyance of the Toronto police, Vicki summons her deceased lover's uncle, the psychic private detective Gareth Pendragon. Before very long, Vicki and Pen [as he's known] are working together on what is obviously a serial killings case.
This story is proof that anyone who thinks mysteries can't--or shouldn't be--sexy is mistaken. Mr. Sheils' book is packed with innuendo, clever wordplay and witty banter. A good read for any mystery fan who is not skeptical about the paranormal."

Catherine Witmer - Just Views